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The Ark

Has anyone ever said anything about The Ark Pet Shop in Ames? It's really gross in there. Some of the animal's most basic needs are not met (Dust baths for the chinchillas, hay for the rabbits, fresh food for the parrots, and sometimes clean water is not even available for them).
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May 14 2008, 22:40:40 UTC 8 years ago

I grew up with the Ark, so I never noticed until I visited a a while back. You're quite right. The fish, in particular, look ill kept. I certainly wouldn't get a betta there. Earl May had a few and seems to do a better job of keeping them.

Still, it's hard to find anywhere that takes good care of their bettas regardless of how they keep other critters.
Really? That's too bad! Even their supplies are gross? I'm about to go there to buy cichlid breeding supplies ( I guess I'd changed my mind.

Basic Needs


June 16 2010, 18:48:06 UTC 6 years ago

I am a volunteer at the Ark Pet Shop in Ames and for what it is worth I'm going to tell you that we clean small animal cages every 2-3 days. Chinchillas receive dust baths when they need it, usually in the mornings when we aren't officially open. Rabbits/Guinea Pigs/Chinchillas all get hay weekly, although when we give them hay, bedding looks darker and customers who aren't knowledgeable assume its dirty.

If it ever seems like we have too many animals, its because we take them in from people who no longer want them and try to find them new homes. This happens a LOT since we are next to a college and students are always moving.

I will admit that the place is a little dingy and dusty, but a lot of it is due to the location. We do what we can to keep inventory dusted, but when anything is around birds there always seems to be more dust. Again, I will admit that we have some flaws, fish are not always well labeled but that is because of how we order them and the rate of sale. We did do a lot of remodeling in the last 2 years that has really improved the look and smell.

As for those who have an issue with the religious views, it is called the Ark and is a Christian owned business. We try to create a clean safe atmosphere that would be appropriate for people to bring their families and though you may not agree with the music, it happens to have very clean content. I'm not always a fan of religious display but I'm not going to get upset if I see a Buddha at an Asian restaurant because in America we promote diversity.

On a final note, our small animals come from good local breeders and are always healthy. Birds typically come from Misty Morning unless we hand feed them ourselves (typically parrot types, but also some cockatiels and parakeets)Reptiles are mostly from good local breeders or individuals who are moving. Kittens are given to us from individuals who have accidental litters and are interested only in finding them good homes (many times farm cats) and they may not always be in pristine health, but we do get their first shots, de-wormer, and additional vet attention if necessary. We do NOT sell puppies, if you want a puppy adopt from a humane society.