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Pet Shop Employee exams

Okay, here's an idea which a few of us had a couple years ago that never got off the ground. I realise that only a handful of people read this at the moment, but I'm hoping that will change. What some of my friends and I suggested was coming up with tests over pet care that we administer to the employees of pet shops in Iowa, with the agreement that the results become public info. Then we put the info on a website, perhaps contact local papers, etc. We also include info on shops which we solicited who decided against their employees taking the tests. Initially, we had talked about a single exam, but after having worked in the testing industry, I think that having different types of tests. Have a reptile test, an amphibian test, a dog test, a cat test, a freshwater fish test, a marine fish test (I'd probably need help writing this one), a bird test, etc. and they can choose to take as many or as few as they wish.

I suggest changing the questions frequently and even allowing pet shops access to past tests, if they wish to use them in their hiring process or such.

As people find this post, please comment on whether or not this would be something you are interested in doing, assuming that you live in Iowa. I want a bunch of people doing it, as I just applied for a job in Liberty, MO today, which I doubt that I will get, as I want to stay in Iowa for a couple more years if I can find a decent job near my parents, but I do have family in Liberty too, so there is a chance that I will be leaving.
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